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Are you struggling to attract the job applicants you desperately need for your impossible-to-fill roles?

Do you spend loads of money on job boards and advertising each month but get the same results as when you don’t spend anything at all?

Are you using sign-on bonuses to try to attract talent with varied success?

Are you looking for a more sustainable solution to your struggles with recruitment?

If so, I can help you.

It can be so difficult to find good quality candidates, and traditional recruitment methods just do not cut it anymore. I specialize in helping small, rural businesses attract, recruit, hire, and retain employees through employment marketing and social recruitment.

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What would it mean for you to:

  • not have to worry if you’ll have enough employees to cover your shifts each week
  • have more applications for even your hardest-to-fill roles
  • feel confident that your job ad engages and attracts the right candidates that are actually qualified for your role and will be a good fit with your team
  • spend less money on recruitment advertising while actually getting the results you desire
  • find simple and cost effective ways to nurture and engage with potential applicants throughout the hiring process and beyond

When you hire me as an employment marketing consultant, I will help you not only develop your employer brand, but really tell your story so that you can attract and engage with the applicants you need. I use a mix of social media marketing, engaging job ads, and other marketing tools and strategies to help you connect with your audience. This helps you increase your applications, make better hires, and retain your very best employees.

Employment Marketing Rates Start at $597/Month
(based on your average # of openings each month)

Job Description Refresh – $99/each
(10% discount when you order 10+ refreshes at one time)

Not getting the response you need from your posted job ads? It’s time to refresh your job description to attract and engage potential applicants! With this package, you’ll receive one updated, ready-to-post job description with keyword-optimized text and engaging copy to increase applications.

1-on-1 Recruitment Marketing Strategy Call – $99

Want to have a quick conversation 1-on-1 about what you’re doing and get feedback on how to improve your recruitment strategy? Let’s have a strategy call! In our one-hour strategy call, we’ll discuss what you’re currently doing to attract applicants, what recruitment struggles you’re facing, and ideas for a new strategy you can use to get more qualified applicants.

Custom quotes and hourly rates for one-time projects also available.

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