Located in the north woods of Wisconsin, the Northworks is dedicated to helping employers and job seekers see the best in themselves — and each other. Through strategic marketing tactics, the Northworks primarily helps employers position themselves to increase the number of qualified applications they receive for their openings.

About Jeanie Stanek

A few quick facts about me:
– I have an English: Science and Technical writing degree… mostly because my parents thought technical writing was probably the only way an English major could possibly make a living (I do believe that this and the whole Santa Claus thing are two of the only things they’ve been wrong about in my life…)
– I fell into employment marketing a few years ago and found I am obsessed with disrupting the status quo with bold, innovative ideas that help employers recruit, hire, and retain engaged employees through strategic marketing plans.
– My first job was at the local, small-town bakery and I am a bit judgmental when it comes to people’s doughnut choices. #doughnutsnob
– I have two nanny goats: Poppins and McPhee. Naming them is one of my proudest accomplishments.

My experience includes:
– Employment Marketing
– Digital & Social Media Marketing
– Technical & Creative Writing
– Video Creation & Editing
– Graphic Design

Jeanie and her husband, Wyatt, and their two daughters Elliot and Gracyn