Hi! My name is Jeanie Stanek. I am an employment marketing consultant dedicated to helping employers and job seekers see the best in themselves — and each other. After working in the employment marketing space for nearly two years, I decided to open my business (The Northworks) in January 2019 to share my employment marketing and social recruitment expertise with local companies that struggle with recruitment and retention. Using strategic marketing tactics and social media, I specialize in helping rural employers make better hires, faster (and often for less money).

A few quick facts about me:
– I graduated from UW-Eau Claire in 2014 with an English: Science and Technical writing degree… mostly because my parents thought technical writing was the only way an English major could possibly make a living (I do believe that this and the whole Santa Claus thing are two of the only things they’ve been wrong about in my life…)

– My first job was at the local, small-town bakery and I am a bit judgmental when it comes to people’s doughnut choices. #doughnutsnob

– I fell into employment marketing a few years ago after learning that I don’t really enjoy technical writing… and I found that I am obsessed with disrupting the status quo with bold, innovative ideas that help employers recruit, hire, and retain engaged employees.

– My family and I live on a small hobby farm in the north woods of Wisconsin with our two nanny goats (Poppins and McPhee), two dogs (Ami and Leia), and stray-turned-loved cat (Smokey).

My experience includes:
– Employment Marketing
– Digital & Social Media Marketing
– Technical & Creative Writing
– Video Creation & Editing
– Graphic Design

Jeanie and her husband, Wyatt, and their two daughters Elliot and Gracyn, Fall 2018