10 Post Ideas to Enhance Your Employer Brand on Social Media

Social media can be SUCH a powerful recruitment tool… if you’re using it right. Here are some post ideas you can use to enhance your employer brand on social media. They will help you engage with your community and attract potential applicants to your open roles.

10 Post Ideas to Enhance Your Employer Brand on Social Media:

  1. Interview tips and tricks! Record a short video (30 seconds-3 minutes) of a hiring manager giving their BEST tip on how to succeed in an interview with your company. You can even make this a series and get a new tip from a different hiring manager every week (or month).
  2. A day in the life! What is it ACTUALLY like working as a _________? Follow someone that currently works in one of your toughest-to-fill roles for a day and record short snippets of their day. Be careful to not just record the shiny parts of the job (you want this post to accurately portray the job — the good and the more challenging aspects). String them together into a video post for your social media channels!
  3. Employee testimonials. Ask your current employees what they love about working for your company — and then share it with your community on social media. You can do this a variety of ways including a video testimonial, a written testimonial with a picture of the employee, or just the written testimonial on a pretty background (created on canva.com, for example).
  4. Former employee reviews. Your former employees are reviewing you on websites like Glassdoor and Indeed (and maybe even your Facebook page, too). Turn these reviews into a post! Learn more about how to do this effectively in my blog post on this very topic.
  5. A behind-the-scenes tour! What goes on ‘behind-the-scenes’ at your company? Show your followers! You can do this with a photo or a video. Popular places to show? Work areas. The break room. Areas that your customers and general community members don’t typically see.
  6. Current (and former) interns. Who are your interns? What do they do at your company? Where do they go to school (make sure to tag the school in the post!)? What do they hope to do in the future? Additionally, you can check in with former interns… Where are they now? How did interning at your company advance their career?
  7. Highlight your benefits. What is one of your most utilized benefits? Why do your employees love it? How does it make life easier for your employees? Why is it awesome? This is another idea that works well as a series. You can simply describe the benefit and why it is awesome… OR you can interview an employee that loves it and let them explain why it means so much to them to have that benefit!
  8. #throwbackthursday. Share pictures of your company from the very beginning! What has changed — what has stayed the same? Do you have an employee that has been with you for a significant period of time? You could share a photo of them from the earlier days compared to now — especially if you can show that they have advanced in their career while staying with your company.
  9. Celebrate! Do you throw baby showers for employees that are expecting? Or give little gifts when employees get married or have a baby? Maybe you hold retirement celebrations? Or decorate workstations for birthdays? Maybe you mail birthday cards with scratch offs. Maybe you celebrate a great quarter with a catered lunch… I bet there’s a million ways you celebrate your employees at different stages in their lives — or at different special points for the company. Share those celebrations on social media!
  10. New employees. Hire someone recently? Introduce them to your community! What will they be doing? What did they do before? What do they do in their spare time? Why are you excited to have them on your team?

There you have it! 10 different post ideas to help you enhance your employer brand on social media. Try them out and let me know the response you get!

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