Share Employee Reviews to Enhance Your Employer Brand

Looking for content ideas to enhance your employer brand on social media? Share a review from one of your current or former employees! In this short video, I walk you through the steps to turn a Glassdoor (or Indeed, Facebook, Google, etc) review into a great piece of content for your company social media page.

Step 1. Make sure you’re getting positive reviews on webpages like Glassdoor, Indeed, Facebook, etc.

If you’re not, here’s a little tip: ask for reviews from your current (happy) employees during their annual review! I recommend setting up a cycle where you ask everyone completing an annual review in quarter 1 to consider leaving your company a review on Glassdoor, and everyone in quarter 2 to consider leaving a review on Facebook, then Indeed in quarter 3, then Google in quarter 4, for an example. Then, the next year, switch it up so your quarter 1 annual reviews are asked to leave a review on Facebook (so they’re leaving you a review on a different platform from the year before).

Step 2. Capture the review with a screenshot OR create a graphic with the review in Canva. Watch the video to learn more about this step — or contact me for help!

Step 3. Post the review on to your company social media pages. You can write a little text to go with the image to the effect of, “Thank you Jeanie for your kind words! We absolutely love having you as part of our team and so appreciate all of your hard work.” OR if it is an anonymous review, you could say something like “We absolutely love this anonymous Glassdoor review from one of our former employees. We work hard to provide a work culture that is supportive and inclusive and are happy this employee enjoyed working with us! Are you looking for a new opportunity where you feel supported and appreciated? Apply online at [link].”

Step 4. Repeat this process with a different review in a week or two and make it a regular part of your content cycle.

Looking for more employment marketing tips and tricks? Connect with me over on LinkedIn!

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