4 Ways to Make Your Facebook Recruitment Ads More Attractive

One of these things is not like the other…

Facebook can be an efficient and cost-effective way to attract more applicants to your openings… but only if you do it right! Stop wasting ad spend on Facebook ads like the one on the left, and start maximizing your efforts with ads like the one on the right.

Keep reading to learn 4 ways to spice up your Facebook ads to make them more attractive to applicants.

1. Don’t Use Stock Photos

Use a photo of your real employees doing their real job. (Full disclosure: Technically both of these images are stock photos — but one is a lot worse than the other one… And I don’t have real employees that I can use as models, so please just go with it.) Stock photos are simply not going to catch the eye of prospective employees — but real photos might, especially if they recognize your employee as a former classmate, co-worker, or friend.

2. It’s recruitment MARKETING

Simply stating that you’re hiring is not enough information to attract more applicants. When you’re trying to attract customers, you would NEVER slap up a blurry photo of your product and simply write, “NOW SELLING THINGS: We need you to buy our product. Please visit our website today to make a purchase!” So, why do you use that tactic when trying to attract applicants? Use your words strategically to connect with potential applicants and what they truly desire. No one cares what you need — applicants care only about what you have offer. What makes this job the right job? Are they simply joining your team? Or are they changing lives?

3. List a Salary Range

Along those same lines… Your ad has a much better chance of attracting applicants if you list a salary range. Why should they go through the effort of applying and interviewing if your salary range doesn’t even come close to meeting their needs? That would be a waste of time and money for you both. Yes, your range might be lower than what some people want, and it may be the reason some people do not apply — but that is fine… those people would never accept your offer anyway. Attract the applicants that you can actually hire. 

4. It’s All In the Details

Use every single feature Facebook gives you to optimize your ad — use targeting to show your ad only to those you want to see it, change the call to action from the default ‘Learn More’ to ‘Apply Now.’ Facebook Ads are very intricate and offer so many features to help your ads perform better — use them!

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