Welcome to the Northworks

Located in the north woods of Wisconsin, the Northworks is dedicated to helping employers and job seekers see the best in themselves — and each other. Through strategic marketing tactics, the Northworks primarily helps employers position themselves to increase the number of qualified applications they receive for their openings.

Specifically, the Northworks helps employers with:
– Utilizing the power of social media for recruitment
– Implementing strong email marketing campaigns that convert passive candidates into engaged employees
– Revitalizing job ads to fascinate and engage potential applicants
– Auditing career websites, job applications, and general recruitment strategies; and offering suggestions on how they might better capture the attention of potential candidates
– Discovering opportunities to better retain employees through engagement
– Harnessing the recruitment power of current employees by improving retention, implementing strong referral programs, and improving (or creating) an employer brand strategy

Check out the Services page to learn more, or contact me for more information.

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