Employment Marketing

Now more than ever, it’s becoming obvious that recruiting the same way we always have isn’t enough.

A simple list of job duties and requirements isn’t enough to attract engaged candidates.

A boring job ad on a free job board isn’t enough to bring in qualified applicants.

Sitting back and waiting for job seekers to beg you for a position isn’t enough to do… well, anything really.

If you work in recruitment or are responsible for hiring new employees, you may have noticed this already.

But, you’re not here to waste time complaining about what doesn’t work.

You want to know: what does work?

Employment Marketing.

Employment Marketing is the process of treating potential candidates and current employees more like customers than “just” applicants or staff.

It’s anticipating needs, answering pain points, and presenting your offer as the obvious best choice.

It’s taking your recruitment message to where your ideal candidate is, rather than waiting for them to find you where it is most convenient for you to be.

It’s addressing concerns and complaints of employees with the same gracious enthusiasm that is used when dealing with an angry customer.

It’s being proactive and strategic.

It’s the answer to your staffing crisis.

Are you ready?

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